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Call Them, Mauriel’s Boyfriends


  Who’s Mauriel Jung?   

  well, she’s just an ordinary girl, a young girl but still the oldest. Born after Valentine’s Day on 2001. A kind person, crazy, and she loves EXO too much. Call her, Hardcore EXO-L. Mauriel also known as Funluobell and Jungyoo 😀 Line/Skype/Snapchat/twitter:@maurieljung/Instagram :@jungyoo.xo.

   Her Ultimate Boyfriends   

Kim Seok Jin

 lovely, funny, weird, evil, but he’s mine.

Oh Se Hun

 mate, sexy, cool, evil, first love, forever.


. first, not accept the silent readers here. Go home, Kid!
. second, not accept the drunks like plagiators.
. third, bash and war not allowed here!
. fourth, free password.
. the last, i made this wp just for my happiness,share fanfics,art,others.

  be nice readers, be smart readers, be friendly, and be funny!

   Choose One!   

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   graphic and layout design by Funluobell   


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